Adrian Paunescu was born on July 20, 1943 in Copaceni, judetul Balti, Basarabia. He is a Romanian poet, publicist and a politician.

Biography and Career :

He is especially known as a poet and as the founder of "The Flame" literary circle. He is one of the most known Romanian contemporary poets.

He was born on 20 July 1943 in Copaceni, Basarabia, today- Moldova Republic. Although born in Basarabia, he spends most of childhood in Dolj, Romania. Paunescu's father, a member of The National Liberal Party was condemned to 15 years in prison for "anti-communist activities" by the after 1945 Stalinist regime (because of this, he had to wait 3 years in order to join in the University).

From 1966 till 1968 he is the secretary of U.T.C. organization from The Writers Union in Roma
nia. In August 1968 he becomes member of The Romanian Communist Party.

On 17 September 1973 he founds "The flame" literary circle, a huge mass phenomenon, along with which he has 1.615 music, poetry and dialog manifestations in front of 6 million spectators. In 1982 it appears the triple disc album "The flame" and in 1983 - the 70 minutes "The Flame Literary Circle – I salute you, blue jeans generation" film, prohibited immediately by the authorities. In June 1985 "The flame" is prohibited.

In 1990 he founds "Still, the love" literary circle on Drobeta Turnu-Severin stadium. In 10 years of activity "Still, the love" has many success concerts in and outside the country, especially in Chisinau.

In 1992-1998 he is a member of The Labor's Socialist Party, whose vice-chairman becomes in 1993 and prime-vice-chairman and spokesman he becomes in 1994.

Among his works:

-1970-"Death's post cards";
-1989-"I'm a free man";
-1996-"The to be offence";
-1999-"The book of the poetry books".

Trivia :

- He studied Philology at The University of Bucharest.
- From 2000 till 2004 he was a member of The Senate.

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